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TikTok Counter is a TikTok Live Counts website where you can see the followers of famous TikTokers go up and down in realtime. We provide this TikTok Follower Count for free. It’s easy to use.

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How to use Live Count TikTok?

You can use Live Count TikTok easy, fast and totally free. To do this, you will need to fill the user that you want to track on the search input above the famous TikTokers and then hit enter. You will get the realtime followers from the TikToker you searched for. You can also just click on one of the famous TikTokers like charlidamelio here above and you will get their live follower count in realtime.

Why should you use LiveCounts TikTok?

With LiveCounts TikTok, you can track the TikTok follower counter in realtime of all the TikTokers around the world. And maybe you ask yourself, why would I want to do this? Why is this tool so useful? Well, with this tool, you can win against your TikTok competitors and grow fast by analyzing how you are growing and how your competitors are growing. It’s really easy and it helps you in this way. So, for example, if you upload a video, then you can track how many hearts or followers you got after that video and see if it really helps. If it helps, you just upload a similar kind of video. That is why you should use this TikTok Follower Count tool.

Which statistical parameters you can visualize on Live Count TikTok?

You can get data about these parameters: 1) The activity of the user on weekend, and any time of day. 2) Visualize the relative activity in context of text volume, weekends, and/or time of day. 3) Stats about the activity relying on the type of content: for examples it shows which type of content attracts users, whether photos or videos or something else. 4) You can get the graphs of engagement parameters, including likes, comments, and subscribers 5) Number of posts that were of different category 6) Effect of content type and text in the post on ER 7) Text abstracting: this tool help you to finds posts that are usually used in the account, as well as ER posts containing a specific word. 8) You can analyze the data directly on the service page or uploaded to Excel, PDF or PPTX. 9) There is also an option to unload all posts for the period in question.

How you can use TikTok LiveCount to analyze your or any other TikTok account

Type your account name or address into the search bar. Click "Search." Decide the time period during which you are interested in the profile statistics.

Analysis of an TikTok account via TikTok LiveCounts

After choosing the first one, click "+" to compare two accounts, and add the desired tab.

Visualize the statistical data by metrics and graphs

Let's look more closely at how the graphs appear, and what the data means. To view graphs of your account, select the appropriate data in the "Statistics" column on the left.

What does Graph “words” means?

By using this graph you will be able to see the number of posts containing a specific word in the text. You can perform word analysis on TikTok account with its help.

What does chart “time of day” means?

You will be able to check the success of a video that was made at a specific time in context to videos made for the entire period under review. It will be shown as a percentage. It will let you visualize the TikTok profile activity by clock.

The use of “Likes Chart”

You can also check the number of likes per post, and how the number of likes vary from one post to other. It will show you the number of likes in certain days of the period. You can check what type of content your followers like the most. You can also analyze what type of content is mostly liked on TikTok. Hashtags also play important role in exposure of your post. So, you can also compared it with likes and determine which hashtag works best.

What activities influence your TikTok live count?

TikTok business productivity depends on many things: content consistency, account niche, and content management.

You need to have quality content

TikTok is a social network in the visual sense. Post the product to fine, interesting shots. The audience is not interested in unique images here; spend resources on creating your own content: pictures, videos, gifs, infographics or illustrations.

Engage your audience by using TikTok counter

TikTok algorithms greatly impact advertising efficacy on this social network. So, work with requirements that influence the algorithms for promotion. One is participation. Ask questions from the audience and facilitate review of content. Hold more regular competitions, and play with mechanics. Last message, a friend's tag in the user videos, and account tags has different results on your account.

Continuously using TikTok follower livecount

An efficient TikTok live follower count analysis is done on a regular basis, and not when problems arise. Analyze metrics continuously by using our TikTok counter. And in time, you'll change the strategy for content. It all depends on the data that you receive by using our TikTok counter. Not only can you understand what subjects are of interest to your audience, but also which time is best to post materials, which format is preferred, how long the signature should be.


You can get TikTok follower count in two ways, from TikTok and from our TikTok counter, both will give you TikTok counts, but our tool can also help you to get TikTok live follower count of other users. Plus, you have more control over data analysis with our service. You can also compare your account with others, which is important to stay ahead of competition.